Made in LA

We are e-commerce and ad-tech veterans who understand the challenges that performance marketers face every day (and we throw a great party!).

Brooke Partelow, Founder & CEO

Brooke has been in tech for over twenty years. She has helped found the sales teams of numerous SaaS and ad-tech companies, which today are valued at well over $1B and include acquisitions from eBay and Oracle. With a deep understanding of e-commerce and performance marketing, Brooke realized TV advertising was going through a major evolution; from TV being a channel that was rigid and loosley trackable (at best) to a precision performance marketing channel, Brooke saw an opportunity to create NeonPixel and help great brands use TV to drive profitable, attributable conversions.


Evanne Hall, Customer Success
Seattle, WA

Jonathan Partelow, Creative Director
Phoenix, AZ

Greg Johnson, Head of Technology
New York, NY

Fearless Mascot, Winston
(lover of TV ads with animals)

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